My Life with God

Sunshine Splash

photo-1507072757289-c7de1a8c075eI drove to work on a sunny morning and took a detour to pick up a fountain drink for the day. As I rounded a corner, I saw cars ahead of me slowing to maneuver through standing water on the road. The water department was making the rounds, flushing hydrants. I enjoyed the spray of water as it surrounded my vehicle. It felt like a refreshing splash in a puddle, which I’ve enjoyed pretty much my whole life.

I turned on my windshield wipers to clear the view, then continued to drive in the sunshine.

The brief splashing experience reminded me that we often find surprising moments of refreshment throughout the day. We need to stay alert to them and be grateful.

Maybe you’re looking for sunshine in the middle of a rainstorm, but sometimes splashing in the middle of the sunshine is just as important to the day.

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