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The Truth of Differences

photo-1525157381335-8d400396ad8aWhen there is discrimination, divisiveness, or even betrayal, we have to be willing to patiently point out the truth of it. And look for the truth of it.

We often want to limit what we know to our perspective, and our perspective matters. We bring something to the experience someone else might not see. We might be calmer and be able to see the pieces of the problem and implications of solutions. But we might be too enmeshed and emotional to settle into the truth and best response.

We need to breathe and remember others experience the same situation differently than we do. They might downplay the significance because they have grown accustomed to the dysfunction. They might be defensive because they rationalize how right they are. They might magnify what’s happening because of a burden from their past. They might simply express themselves in more or less animated ways than you do, so what you read as an under or over response it more about communication than reality of a situation.

We need to patiently seek truth. We need to listen and let people reveal what they experience. We need to patiently share with others. We need to be respectful.

When people disagree, they easily get defensive, often because they either don’t want to see the truth of what’s happening and identify it as discrimination, divisiveness, or betrayal, or they actually can’t see it because of their filters.

Truth is not always easily attained. The pursuit of truth matters. The humility of the pursuit is paramount. The authenticity of humility is essential.

As you experience differences today, pursue truth with humble authenticity.

2 thoughts on “The Truth of Differences”

  1. Susan,
    I have been awake most of the night talking to God about a hurtful issue that happened yesterday with a family member. I read several good things and was encouraged to apply them to my situation. I tried to fall asleep again and felt restless so I found myself grabbing my phone and the first thing I saw was your devotional. It spoke to my situation clearly. God used you in my life. I have shared with you how God uses you in my life before. Thank you! Your ministry encourages me consistently like no other. I read a lot and I am so blessed by how God uses you. Honestly, I rarely make comments in the comment sections but I felt strongly to do so….again. 💙


    1. Thank you so much. I appreciate you reaching out, and I will be praying for you. I must tell you: I actually had this post scheduled about two weeks ago. As I was writing other posts, I kept pushing this one back. Now I know why. 🙂


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