My Life with God

A Prompt to Step Aside

photo-1576169510450-fd0392650023Yesterday’s post considered the moments in which God prompts us to pause in order to come alongside someone else in prayer, to engage in someone’s life, on their behalf. It’s an honor when God is the one who prompts us to share a burden and carry a concern.

There are other times God prompts us. He pauses us, not to engage but to step aside. We need to be equally as sensitive to God’s prompts to not engage. Just as he gives us the courage to boldly step forward into uncertain circumstances, he also gives us protection as he guides us to know when to establish and maintain healthy boundaries. He has more of the pieces, and we pause with healthy boundaries not just for ourselves but for others. Sometimes to engage enables a behavior that is harmful. It lessens or eliminates accountability. Without following God’s well-timed prompts, we open a door that entertains choices that shouldn’t be given at a specific time. It might invite someone to rationalize a reality that doesn’t exist.

Withdrawing might not make sense to us, but when prompted by God, we don’t have to understand in order to follow and honor him. And of course, we can still pray. It is not the least we can do; it is the most. We can support others, even from a distance, by trusting God as we take our concerns to him and give him our humility.

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