My Life with God

A Prompt to Follow

photo-1596609902263-c9991142367fThe prompt comes at many times. God brings someone to mind, and even when I don’t know much of what’s happening in the person’s life, I sense the need to pray. I try to stop right then, even if it’s briefly. Sometimes, I send a text to encourage the person, to let her know she’s not alone and is being prayed for.

One recent day, a couple of the people I reached out to replied with thanks. They wanted me to know they appreciate my being willing to listen to and follow God’s prompts. I appreciated the encouragement, but honestly, I thought, “What if I more fully engaged? What if I listened to God more intently? How much more would God do through me, in spite of me?”

It wasn’t so much that I was discouraging myself; it was more of a glimpse of the possibilities. God wasn’t admonishing me; he was reminding me. He was giving me a peek into the possibilities.

Take a moment to peek. Consider the possibilities. Seek to follow God well. Be sensitive to his presence and prompts. He has more insight than any of us. He knows what each of us needs and how we can help one another.

Let’s follow well together.


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