My Life with God

Just a Penny

Years ago, my ex worked on a slatted floor for a dog run. He remembered working with my dad on another one years before. But sometimes our memories fail us.

When I checked on the progress, the boards look way too close together. I mentioned it, and he got defensive. After all, he had helped my dad with a similar project, and he knew. I didn’t. But common sense told me otherwise. I knew the slats would shrink a bit but not much. He was convinced they should be a penny apart. But I remember the first project; mainly because I remember our puppy (who was a lab and had big feet even when young) slipped through the slats a few times when the pen was new. The space had to be about two inches.

Why does it matter? Because even after the boards shrank, they were still too close to serve their purpose. The reason for a certain space was to let a dog’s poop slip through the slats and fall below for easy cleanup (and for the health of the dog). With the boards so close, the poop just sat on the boards until someone scooped it up or pushed it through (or the dog stepped in it and made a mess).

Again, why does it matter enough to share today? Because it’s a reminder to use the right measurements. When we’re too stubborn to listen to and learn from others, we can use the wrong measurements and end up with a stinky, messy situation. When we don’t let logic challenge or change our approach, we can end up dealing with a stench we could have avoided.

You’re building something today—a relationship, resolution, hope, faith—be careful how you measure.

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