My Life with God

Today’s Struggles

I don’t agree.

I saw this image and thought, “not always.”

Do you want to know where I saw it? In my Timehop. I shared it. And I’m obviously sharing it again, but this time, I’m adding a disclaimer.

I think a lot of growth involves some struggles. We have to be willing to consider, sort through, and change in order to grow. We can’t continue the same thing without intentional engagement and expect to grow. We can’t stay in a comfort zone.

The struggle doesn’t have to be traumatic, although it is at times. It might be something that happens over time with a slightness that is almost imperceptible to others and even ourselves. It can be a gentle wondering, questioning, and seeking. We ask, “What if?” We might respond with…

  • Who cares?
  • Does it really matter?
  • I’m curious.
  • I want to mull this over for a bit.
  • I’m ready to truth check this.

Our response matters. We filter and consider and sort and process, or we cut the process short and decide our own assumptions and conclusions are enough, worth hanging onto even if primarily for our comfort. Sometimes we consider and sort and process and still reach similar assumptions and conclusions, but the intention is still growth not comfort.

But we can struggle in other ways that don’t facilitate growth. We can mull and twist and worry. We can let anger and bitterness bind us. And we stunt our growth in the process.

What kind of struggles will you choose?

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