My Life with God

Your Shadow Matters


I watched the turtle swim and was mesmerized by the clarity of its shadow. There was no doubt only a turtle could be casting the shadow. I watched the shadow swim and pause to coast…

…but the shadow was not the turtle. And the shadow was a pale reflection of the beauty and complexity of the turtle above.

We all cast shadows, especially when we’re positioned well to a source of light. I often consider that in the context of my faith. What shadow am I creating by the way I’m living? If people are looking at my shadow, including the effects my life is having on others, what will they notice?

I need to constantly be aware of my source of light, not to create an image but to allow that light to reveal the most authentic image. The turtle was just enjoying his day, oblivious to the light (except perhaps to enjoy the sun’s warmth) or the shadow (except perhaps to entertain himself with a glance every now and then). We, on the other hand, get to personally know our source of light. We get to have a relationship with God, who is the ultimate source to reveal truth. He created light. He created the turtle. He created each of us. Unlike the turtle, we do not have to be oblivious to the light, not do we have to get distracted by the image of our shadow. We also don’t have to simply swim and float through our days.

Today we get a choice. We get to connect with God and trust him to illuminate our way. We get to trust him to equip us to move through our day, whatever that involves. We get to trust him to use his light to create a shadow that has little to do with us but points to him.

Your shadow matters, because it wouldn’t be there without God.

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