My Life with God

Crazy Socks

It was chilly when I got home from work. I was only going to be home for about an hour before going to a friend’s for Bible study.

I changed clothes to relax for a little while. I opened my sock drawer, and instead of a neutral sock that would match, I chose my cozy puppy socks. I intended to change before I left—only, I forgot. I was running a little late (perhaps I got a little too cozy), so I sent a quick text to let my friends know I was on my way—and so were my silly socks.

Of course, they wanted to see as soon as I arrived. And we all laughed. No one minded. Of course, they didn’t. I would have looked ridiculous if I had stopped by the store. People might have stared or snickered, but we just laughed. At least my feet were warm.

I realize wearing a silly pair of socks is not a big deal in the big scheme of things, but it was a small reminder of something that is a big deal—being able to enjoy the simplicity and silliness within the relationships of our lives. These two friends are also ones I can go deep with. We discuss the hard stuff. We share the hard stuff. We walk together through the hard stuff. The sillies just make the relationship that much richer.

Share some sillies today. Give yourself permission to laugh about something unimportant, and invite someone else to laugh with you.

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