My Life with God

It’s Not How It Works

We want the details. God wants our trust.

We want the instructions, mechanics, timeline, and guaranteed results. God wants our relationship.

We want the answers. God wants us to explore and discover with him.

It’s as if we want what I read recently, “God, you gas it up. I’ll drive it.”

A little more than six years ago, I was walking with a small group in Israel. Several of us were talking about offenses and jokes, what’s appropriate and what’s not, depending on who says what to whom. The line of reasoning was a bit skewed. We light-heartedly bantered back and forth. I finally said something like, “That’s not how it works! That’s not how any of it works!” For some reason, people thought it was hilarious, and several of us still laugh about it.

I want to say the same thing about us trying to project our ways onto God. Whatever we want, think, or understand is miniscule in comparison to him. It seems we have to learn that over and over again.

When we go off-roading in our own ways, let’s quickly remind ourselves, “That’s not how it works. That’s not how any of it works!”

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