My Life with God

Moment of Emergency

The graphic popped up in my social media feed. It included many of the things I was taught to pack into my car as winter approached. I still pack some of the items.

Just in case.

I’ve found mine is among the last generation to think it’s important, and I have to admit, even I downplay the importance of it. After all, we now have cell phones. We’ll just call for help. Easy peasy, right? Not necessarily.

When the roads are bad, it’s harder for the emergency vehicles to get to people. Phones don’t always work well. If the vehicle breaks down or is in a wreck, the heat might not work. Sometimes the temperatures are cold enough that even a short time is long enough to cause damage. I know it’s a lot of “what ifs,” but also, “why not”?

Why not have an extra blanket and a couple bottles of water? Why not have an extra portable phone charger? Why not have an extra pair of gloves, boots, and socks? A flashlight, ice scraper, a small snow shovel? And if you have kids, a few snacks can be a sanity-saver.

I’m not a fearful person. I don’t imagine the worst by any means. My default leans toward the other end of the spectrum. I sometimes chuckle at people’s approaches to preparedness. Some people assign preparedness to conspiracy theorists who prep for disasters, or at least, people who expect the worst. Some people assign preparedness as a sign of fear or overreaction. And some of those same people who reject others’ ways of preparation simply don’t like to plan and prepare. We each get that choice.

Sometimes I feel silly putting some of those items in the back of my vehicle. I’ve never had anything major happen, but I’ve used those items multiple times to help others, not just in a crisis situation but in a “be a good neighbor” situation. Sometimes we think of preparation too inside the box. We think we are preparing for a certain circumstance, and if we’ve never experienced that circumstance, we don’t see the need to pack the box. But preparations go beyond the box. We never know how we’ll get to unpack it.

I love that God prepares us that way. He packs some things into our lives that we have no idea how or if we will ever use them, but pretty much every time, he creatively makes a way in his timing and purpose.

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