My Life with God

Twisted Vine

2020-05-04 13.51.34I led an online study of Chasing Vines, which digs into the analogy of a vineyard. As I dug deeply, I learned a lot about the cultivation of vines. Trusting God to prune, graft, and grow the vine nourished me.

A few weeks following the study, the friend who has studied the Bible alongside me for over a decade, texted to let me know she was leaving something on my front step. She is the one I prayed for years ago when I asked God to bring someone into my life who was passionate about faith and would help me grow in accountability and authenticity.

She had completed the study with me. We could no longer meet on a weekly basis because of COVID-19 guidelines, but we could study alongside each other from a distance. And she gave me a gift to remind me of God’s provision.

She used her own garden’s vines to fashion a wreath for my front door.

It welcomes me home. It welcomes guests. It welcomes truth and accountability and authenticity because of the foundation or its meaning and the person who created it.

And I, in turn, welcome you. Today is a day you can seek authenticity and accountability. You can seek healthy friendships that encourage you in truth. You can seek God’s truth and provision. You can let him and others who follow him prune, reshape, and cultivate you.

It is dirty work, but it is beautiful.

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