My Life with God

Enough Hope

I don’t remember what was happening on a specific day about a month ago, but I remember thinking, “I am so weary and done.”

The day continued, and I began to notice something around me. I found such a strong glimpse of hope among many people. It wasn’t all focused on any specific need or situation, simply multiple expressions of hope.

That was all it took. For that day at least, I said, “Enough of the discouragement and divisiveness. I’m moving forward.”

  • Is that difficult at times? Yes.
  • Is it a one time decision? No.
  • Does it negate the long term effects of some choices—ours and others? No.
  • Does it mean everyone else is going to respond with the same resolve or priorities we do? No. And I’m glad. We need the balance and encouragement. None of us get it right enough of the time to be the sole torch bearers.
  • Should we move forward if we’re setting aside reality and pretending the world is the way we want it and everyone will fall in line with our way of thinking? No.

We have a string on ongoing choices to make, and you are facing one right now. You can erode hope or you can accept and exude it. That doesn’t include putting on a fake front. Hope requires authenticity. It can be a tiny beam in a dark place, a speck upon a mountain, or an open field to fill. Regardless of the measurement tool you use, hope is enough.

Enough is a difficult amount to conceptualize when discouragement and emptiness settles.

But hope…

But God…

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