My Life with God

Be Still


Have you ever notice the words “be still” are often accompanied with an image of a mountain brook or an ocean shoreline? Yes, those things are calming. We can sit alongside the water’s edge and still ourselves. There is a sense of calm and peace that might come over us—or fill us.

But that water that calms us is moving. It isn’t still. Ever. The stillest water I ever experienced was on the Sea of Galilee. The water was silent as the boat floated without moving. I didn’t even hear the lapping of water on the side of the boat. But a few years later, I was on that same water and a storm quickly brewed and the water was not calm or still.

Yet I was still—because of God’s provision and goodness. When we see or hear the words “be still,” it’s more within us than around us. You do not need to wait for your external circumstance to determine your peace. You can be tossed by a storm on a sea and still find the reassurance of God’s presence and provision.

He is enough.

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