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Waffling Traditions

I like traditions, especially around the holidays—but I know every tradition has a beginning (and an end). So, I enjoy trying new traditions. Some stick, and some don’t.

At last year’s family Christmas, I tried to incorporate a couple foods that were either favorites of my sons-in-law or somehow connected to their childhoods. This year, I decided to try some brunch foods we rarely fixed at home—homemade chicken and waffles and all the fixings of a waffle bar. I added some other fail safe foods just in case. I found a recipe to make the waffles from scratch and tried them ahead of time. I modified a favorite chicken recipe for strips more suitable for our brunch. And it was delicious. We enjoyed a casual brunch that didn’t stuff us into a stupor.

It was fun to try something completely different, put together some familiar pieces, and make some different memories. I’m not sure I’ll try the same recipes again. I might find something else to try next time we’re together. Traditions can be fresh. The adventures of new can be fun. Of course, it’s not about menus.

Invite and embrace some change within the consistency and familiarity.

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