My Life with God

Sweet Sacrifice

It was the perfect night for a warm hot cocoa and time in Bible study.

The snow was falling. It was the beginning of a weekend with limited plans. It had been a good week, and I had a new Bible study I’d barely begun. But I was struggling to settle in. The hot cocoa was my motivation.

It worked.

As I began to study, I realized how well timed much of the content was. I was glad I hadn’t delayed. I still struggled a bit with my focus, but I was glad I persevered. I sipped the hot cocoa and steeped in God’s Word. I didn’t avoid every distraction, but I avoided enough. I didn’t spend as much time studying as I had planned, but I studied enough.

That’s how discipline is at times. It’s enough even if it’s not what we planned or want from ourselves. Discipline is a sacrifice of distractions. Discipline is a focus that isn’t perfect. Discipline doesn’t produce what we expect at times. Sometimes we don’t even see the benefits of discipline in the midst of it. But it can be sweet moments in the midst of struggles.

We can get frustrated with ourselves when we struggle to choose the discipline we know will encourage and grow us. But we can still choose it, even if it is just a glimpse of the our goals. Today, say yes to what will challenge you to clarify your focus and faith.

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