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The Much of Empty

Sometimes we feel empty. It can be situational or seasonal. But when we continually give it to God, it is never in vain. We can ask for God to use the space to tenderize our hearts with authenticity and humility and to pour truth into us. God can take the space that unsettles us and fill it with hope and peace. The empty riddles us with the impossible, but God fills it with the possible.

“Impossibility is God’s starting point,” as Priscilla Shirer says. With God, all things are possible, and that doesn’t refer to all the things we want. God protects those spaces so they are filled with the right things in the right time—but that happens as we yield to and trust God. We invite him to encourage and reinvigorate us with his promises.

Perhaps you find yourself sitting with emptiness right now, or perhaps you need to empty yourself. You might feel surprised, overwhelmed, or victimized by the emptiness. You might be resistant or burdened to empty yourself. The irony is emptiness seems so little—a void—but feels so much. That “so much” is a potential for God to show up with his generous and wise provision. It might not be what we expect, but it will be abundantly good.

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