My Life with God

The Provision We Expect

We so often expect God to provide—without the preparation, sacrifice, patience, obedience, and journey involved. It’s not that God demands certain behaviors from us before he responds and gives. That’s not his character. God provides. I don’t know that we can explain every dynamic behind his provision, but we can absolutely know his provision will always be consistent with his character.

The first statement of this post intends to focus more on our expectations about God’s provision than his actual provision. We expect response. We want response. We focus on response and results. When we back up a bit and steep in what precedes the provision, when we trust God for the preparation, when we’re patient and obedient, and we sacrifice in our faith, our trust deepen.

We trust God as he provides not because he provides.

Will God provide? Of course. Does he provide through the process? More than we might realize.

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