My Life with God

The Path

Too much of life is tourism; too little of life is pilgrimage.

Vacation is fun, but we cannot live simply skipping from one point of interest to another. Well, we can, but we will miss a lot. It is the steps between those points that give us context. We are living a journey. And it is only when we are intentional about that journey that we are going to embrace as much life as possible—not in terms of a variety of experiences but a depth of purpose.

We sometimes want to call attention to the highlights. We want to downplay the stuff that seems mundane or uncomfortable. It’s as if we see ourselves as a master sorter who stands still as experiences come to us, and we grab them or toss them to one side or the other. We filter and store or cast. But pursuing purpose is an intentional pursuit. We don’t always end up on the path that seems most productive or beautiful. We can’t be on every path at once, so we might think we are missing out, but in that process, we miss what is right beside us. Instead, we get to engage with God each step of the way. We get to see his beauty, his power, his mercy, and his faithfulness.

How are you approaching today—with an attitude of tourism or pilgrimage?

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