My Life with God

The Right and Wrong of Help

Acknowledging we need help and healing is important, but we can turn to the wrong help.

There are a couple verses in Hosea that remind me of this dynamic. Israel and Judah realized how sick they were, so they turned to another nation for help. In particular, they turned to “the great king there—but he could neither help nor cure them.” (Hosea 5:13b).

We are all familiar with some obviously unhealthy ways people turn to help: drugs, abusive relationships, quick fixes, etc. But sometimes we can turn to what we think are good methods but the situation and timing is off. Sometimes its not the source of the help that is the problem but our approach and expectations which are mishandled. We want something from someone who doesn’t have the health or wisdom to give us. Or we expect too much from someone. We want too much from someone in comparison to what we’re willing to invest. Sometimes we wait so long to reach out for help, the problem has become much more complex than a simple, logical fix.

…but God.

We can trust God for help and healing, but we have to posture ourselves to receive it. He provides in his timing and process, not in ours. He won’t always respond in the ways we prefer, but he will always be consistent within his character.

Every one of us needs help and healing—every day. Instead of waiting for a crisis, let’s practice how we trust him in the daily.

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