My Life with God

More Time To Live

We sometimes talk about our time on earth not being over quite yet and frame it as God not being done with us. We have more to do. But I don’t think it’s always about accomplishment. It’s about relationship, and it’s about prayer. What if the reason you are still alive is you have more prayers to offer? In a way, it’s still do-ing, but it’s more of a be-ing. It is connecting with God. It is humbling ourselves in posture with him. It is living in community with others and trusting him with issues and celebrations. It’s expressing praise, gratitude, concerns, and pain. It’s offering all we have to him, exposing our vulnerabilities. Yes, he already knows, but our act of trusting him enough to voice it all is powerful. It strengthens our relationship with him, as if our genuine prayers string connections that keep us together.

I have found prayer to increasingly be the most I can do instead of the least. It is the first response not the last resort. It ties community together with strings individuals might not know exist. It builds boundaries that are secure yet constantly changing as needed. Prayer is less of a retreat from and more of an intentional step into. It is less about results and more about the process of purpose and posture.

You probably have plenty to do today, but the most important thing you can do is pray. You have a lot of living to do today, and prayer will position and prepare you for it all.

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