Family, My Life with God

Messier and Better

I planned to spread some dirt and grass seed in expectation of the rainy weekend ahead. My oldest granddaughter ended up hanging out with me after work, so we ate a quick dinner then headed outside. I thought she might as well help me. She’d enjoy some outside time. We found a couple scoops, and she chose her color. I cut the top of the bag and showed her how to scoop and spread.

She was thrilled.

Of course, a two-year-old doesn’t spread seed effectively. I didn’t care. Hearing her exclaim, “I spread it ALL over!” and “It’s so FUN!” was enough for me. I’m sure some got wasted. The job wasn’t essential to me. It was cosmetic in the back yard, which few people see. Spending the time with my granddaughter became the focus. After we semi-spread the seed, we watered with the hose. I showed her how to squeeze the nozzle and helped her at first, but she caught on quickly. I almost got wet a couple times, but that would have been worth the fun experience of spending time together in the yard. We finished up, cleaned up our supplies, and went inside for bath and bedtime. It was a good night together.

I had a plan for the evening. The plan changed. And it was better. It was messier and more tiring and better.

Let’s remember that plans can change and be better than we expected—even when they are messy and tiring. Sometimes those changes invite something that is “so FUN”!

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