My Life with God

A Gentle Reminder

I planned to work in the yard after work. It usually doesn’t take long to mow, but I had a couple other odds and ends jobs. It all ended up taking longer than expected. The mowing was easy. I hadn’t yet trimmed this spring, and the grass was getting thick. I was glad the trimmer started with no problem. Then I remembered a small repair I didn’t do at the end of last year’s mowing season. It wasn’t critical, but it would make the trimmer more efficient, so I took the time to problem solve before trimming the yard. Then I planted a few starts that needed to get into the ground. I had an issue with rabbits nibbling on these particular plants in the fall, so I decided to add a small wire fence around the area. I had picked up the fence but needed to gather the supplies to secure it and problem solve a couple challenges through the process. As I wrapped up, I noticed the spring blossoms that had blown from a neighbor’s yard. I love the spring blooming trees, and I’m happy to deal with the buds as they fall. They probably wouldn’t have bothered me except I had recently power washed the house and patio, so I had the mindset of keeping it all clean. Since I had the hose out anyway to water the newly planted starts, I decided to spray instead of sweep.

I walked inside just before dark, grateful I was able to get everything done. But I scolded myself a bit. I’m a preparer. I would usually make sure every tool I put away in the fall was ready for spring. Even though delays and challenges always pop up at times, there are many things we can do to at least minimize some of them. It was a gentle reminder to leave things in the best condition possible to minimize the time needed to problem solve later.

It didn’t matter much in this situation, but I don’t need a loud reminder. A gentle one is just fine for me. We can’t prepare for everything, but we can be responsible with what God has given us. If we use the time we have to delay, are we truly using the time in front of us? I realize God can purpose the delays of our lives, but that is no reason to rationalize and excuse, then complain when we deal with the consequences.

Whatever and whomever is in front of you right now, handle it well. Treat it as if it is God-given, because it likely is.

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