My Life with God

When We Cross

In my experience, the tour guide is the sharer of information on a trip or tour. They share information as well as insure people have a positive experience. But perhaps I’m not always aware of what’s happening behind the scenes.

Several months ago, I rode a very special type of railway. Conductor was the title of what I’d typically call the tour guide. She provided us with information every step of the way, providing interesting facts, history, and points of interest along the journey. There was one other official on our train—the Engineer. As I spoke with the Conductor, I learned she was a Mechanic. Some days she served as the Conductor. She was in training to be an Engineer.

She wasn’t jumping roles to fill gaps. It was an intentional strategy. Because the railway is specialized, it’s important the officials who ride it can also work on it if there are any issues during a trip; therefore, employees begin as Mechanics. They learn everything they need to know to repair the train and the railway. Along the way, they learn the history, which prepares them to serve as Conductors. And of course, the Engineer role of driving the train is the next logical role, given the preparation the other two roles provide.

There’s a lot we can learn from the example. Of course, we don’t need to know everything about every possible role in our lives. Doing so in an effort to fill gaps can be overwhelming and unhealthy. We need to know how to work well together without inappropriately setting or ignoring boundaries. However, the more familiar we are with the overarching processes and the demands placed on various roles around us, the better we can support one another and be patient with other another.

We might not know the inner workings and underside of the train, but if we don’t have some familiarity with what is required of those who do, especially when we’re climbing mountains with our teams, we might leave others and ourselves in vulnerable situations and places.

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