Everyday God

Everyday Prayers: Get a Haircut

Getting a haircut isn’t an everyday occurrence, but it’s a reminder that we can’t ignore the little things that add up day after day. We can tolerate our hair in the days immediately following a haircut, but as the weeks pass, we notice our hair just isn’t doing what we want it to do. Even when we’re trying to grow it out, at some point, we need to trim the ends to keep it healthy. The wear and tear of daily life adds up.

Even when we don’t need to take action about something that’s going on in our daily life, we need to pay attention to what’s going on around us. Without intentional effort toward growth, our relationships, commitments, and attitudes will slowly—and sometimes not so slowly—deteriorate. It’s a law of nature: thinks will, on their own, deteriorate toward disorder. In other words, things will fall apart.

Considering such a law of nature testifies to God as Creator. He’s an orderly God. What he created makes sense (to him), and of course, he created it with a bend toward entropy. Nothing in this world was intended to last forever. Something else that reminds me of entropy is our relationship with God; even our relationship with him will bend toward entropy. We’re created in his image and with a need for a relationship with him, but we have to believe him. A relationship requires intimacy, and in order to grow in relationship with God, we have to know him.

We have to pay attention to the everyday stuff, knowing what makes our relationship with God deeper and stronger and what weakens it and distances us. So, what are you doing today that is strengthening your relationship with God? What are you doing today that is weakening it? Pay attention to the everyday wear and tear.

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