Everyday God

Everyday Prayers: Order Up!

Starbucks claims to offer 87,000 drink combinations. Sonic claims over 398,000. With the various ingredients at Subway, nearly 2,000,000 customized sandwich orders are available. Most of us would say, “Really? Who needs that many options?” Yet we wouldn’t be very happy if the option we prefer, even if it’s a basic one, was eliminated. Whether you prefer to order the same thing and have it made the same way every time at a restaurant, customize your order because you prefer not to include certain ingredients or have extra of others, or try something new every time you visit a restaurant, you’re relying on your right to exercise choice.

It’s time to simplify your choices.

Take each opportunity of expressing your choice today to rely on God for guidance in every choice. Pay attention to how often you make choices without considering what God thinks about the choice versus how often you let him sift the choice before responding. I know, it’s easy to think God doesn’t care about the details. After all, what does it matter whether you get chipotle mayo or hot mustard sauce? First, God pays attention to details. Recognizing he’s in the details of your life acknowledges him as who he is: the Almighty, Sovereign God. Second, while the specific details might not be of paramount importance, the process of sending everything through his hands is essential. The more often you neglect relying on God, the less intimate your relationship with him is. The more deeply you trust every crevice of your life to him, the better you know him.

Knowing God equals hearing and obeying God.

Choose well today.

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