Everyday God

Everyday Prayers: Get Some Rest

Living in the everyday of God’s plan means living by his schedule and timing, and God is adamant about the balance of life. He tells us to work, and he tells us to rest. He set the example of intentional rest after his days of Creation. Scripture is scattered with references of and commands to rest. We often excuse our own schedules and timelines, because we think we can keep things in balance. As if we can do a better job of balancing life than God can? (1) He created us, so he knows what we need. (2) He knows when we need what we need and how to best give it to us.

So, why do we not listen and forge ahead in our own strength, exhausting ourselves, then wonder why God isn’t providing more strength and energy for us?

God didn’t create you to go, go, go and do, do, do. He created you to be. His plan is the best. It seems I have to learn that lesson over and over again. Sometimes I’m certain I have something completely figured out. I’m certain my way is the best, and in many cases, it works pretty well. Yet over time, the chinks in the wall I’ve built begin to crumble, and I realize I’ve done my own mortaring instead of letting God design, guide, and provide. So, we do some clearing together and get back to the firm foundation and begin to build.

Yes, Lord, you’re way is best.

That includes rest. It’s in rest that we recuperate. It’s in rest that God restores us. It’s in rest that we have checks and balances, so instead of forging ahead and building the wall ourselves or creating and completing our own to-do lists, we’re quiet long enough to inquire, “Yes, Lord?” And when he answers, we can confidently proceed with “Yes, Lord!”

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