Everyday God

Intentional Prayer: Inside Out

Clean what people can’t see.

It seems counterintuitive, but it’s good discipline, especially with a spiritual application.

Two kitchen areas had been bothering me: the cabinet under the sink and the one next to it, where I keep all my food storage containers. To be honest, only a small tub under the sink needed to be straightened. I find it helpful to use storage containers in small spaces to keep items organized. It makes it easier to see what I have and know what I need. And the storage containers just needed a quick check to get rid of mismatched lids. Each job didn’t take longer than ten minutes. No one would notice but me. And that’s okay.

I ended up working my way through a couple hidden areas in the office and bathroom. Again, no one would notice, but it was important. Because what we’re willing to do on the inside when people won’t see the results actually prompt some results others will see. When we are willing to clean from the inside out, we pay attention to details for different reasons. We sacrifice time and energy because of the discipline and not because of the way things appear.

The spiritual implications of cleaning from the inside out are essential to a healthy faith.

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