Birthday Lessons

Today is my mom’s birthday. We celebrated last month—because catching her off guard is the only way to surprise her. She is…observant. 🙂 She has a quiet day planned and is just fine with it. Because that’s her. As unfiltered as she might be at times when sharing her opinions, she pretty much always puts other people first. She encourages (and entertains) her family. She appreciates her friends. She nurtures gorgeous flowers and plants and shares them with others.

I know she would be uncomfortable with an entire post gushing her accolades. One of the best ways I can honor her is to encourage others in the same ways she would, such as,

  • Always do your best. It’s not about how you compare to others. Just give it your all. No regrets.
  • Treat your friends. They are treasures.
  • Laugh with others and laugh at yourself. There’s enough seriousness to deal with, and laughter helps.
  • Make memories. There are adventures in the everyday and the once-in-a-lifetime. Look for and embrace them.
  • Love your closest people well enough to speak the truth. Don’t avoid confrontation; just be sure it’s done well.
  • Pay attention to the details, especially when sharing life and giving to others.
  • Set aside some details to give yourself a break at times. You might need to step aside for a moment to gain a better perspective.
  • Read. Explore different perspectives, personalities, and experiences through stories.
  • Cook without a recipe. It’s good to have solid guidelines but be creative and flexible.
  • Always be willing to learn. There are lessons to learn from every person and experience. You’re never too old to grow.

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