My Life with God

Get Quiet

“Be quiet” is different than “Get quiet.”

We can be quiet so that no one around us hears a sound from us, but our minds spin. We dwell on a conversations we had earlier in the day and have imaginary arguments with people. We go over our to do lists and schedules and wonder how it will all fit. We worry, dream, dwell, and scheme.

We’re not quiet at all.

But quiet is important. It’s a stillness. It’s an intentional setting aside of all the busyness and voices. It’s a retreat.

God often speaks the most strongly, clearly, and loudly when we are by ourselves and quiet, when we still ourselves. No one can do it for us. It’s up to us to position ourselves well to seek, hear, and listen to Him today.

I know it’s not easy. (Many things worthwhile aren’t easy.) We struggle to find a block of time. (Start with one minute). We can’t seem to quiet the noise of our minds. (Don’t give up. Catch those distractions as quickly as you can and set them aside promptly.)

Quiet alone time is important and worth the effort and sacrifice.

Get quiet today.

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