My Life with God

Never Wise Enough

Wisdom is found on the lips of the discerning…The wise store up knowledge. (Proverbs 10:13a, 14a)

Wisdom is spoken and applied, not just thought about. It’s not something we figure out, making a list of pros and cons to decide which side to choice. It’s not flippant, dependent on our own limited understanding and perspective. It is God’s.

Wisdom is stored and added to and readily available. It grows. Because it’s God’s, it’s endless. We won’t gather it all in this lifetime. But that shouldn’t stop us from seeking as much as we can. But it can’t be quantified and measured. It expands and retracts. It ebbs and flows. And part of that has to do with our humility and willingness.

Speaking wisdom and being silent requires discernment. It requires wisdom. It requires reliance on God. And some of us are not willing to rely on Him. We’d rather gather what we think of knowledge and wisdom on our own. Which isn’t very wise.

Seek it, speak it, store it, share it.

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