My Life with God

Rules and Character

God is not a god of issues. He is the God of character.

So many of us who follow him point toward behavior as a litmus test of where people are, those who follow him and those who don’t. We look for, memorize, and accuse others with his rules. And indeed, he has rules. We can’t ignore them, nor should we isolate them.

It is not God’s rules that set him apart. Many gods have rules. Governments have rules. Communities have rules. Nature has rules. But character is what sets God apart. Character gives God’s rules the context to exist in ways that make sense, even when we misunderstand and misapply them.

When I reflect on Jesus’ invitation to his disciples, and ultimately us, to “Follow Me,” I am overwhelmed by the character behind it. His teachings that followed included guidelines that we classify as rules, but only in the context of character—of Jesus and of us as we humbly learn from and follow him well.

The rules you impose and follow say something about you, but your character is much deeper and more revealing. Pay attention. Seek, follow, and change well.

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