My Life with God


We’ve all heard of and perhaps felt FOMO, the fear of missing out. But what about JOMO—the JOY of missing out?

We aren’t so disappointed when we miss out of the junk, the struggles, the disruptive surprises. But the joy of missing out isn’t about avoidance. It is embracing. It’s stepping away and stepping into. It is a decision for something different. It is only a missing out in terms of what we or others might expect or desire. Otherwise, it’s not missing out at all.

We can’t participate in everything. And I’m not referring to the busyness of activities. The joy of missing out can happen in quietness and chaos. It’s less about our circumstance and more about our contentment. It’s less about where we’re positioned and more about our posture wherever we are.

Today is a good day to embrace joy.

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