My Life with God

Pick-Up Prayer

I picked up a lot of sticks and small branches after the storm. My backyard was littered. My house was dotted with pieces of leaves that had been plastered by the wind. But I didn’t need to do anything with that portion of the mess. I knew they’d dry and fall or blow off. But the backyard took me a little while. As I carried and dragged handfuls of debris, I heard many chainsaws, including in two nearby yards. Neither of them had property damage, just large enough limbs to require chainsaws. Other friends had broken windows, crushed decks, and other damage.

The sound of the chainsaws reminded me how minimal the disruption to my life was. The inconvenience and weight of those small branches suddenly became an invitation for gratitude, and I started praying as I cleaned. My mind and heart was free enough to pray for those whose minds and schedules were more full and overwhelmed. We could share the burdens of the cleanup together even if we were in different yards. That’s what community does. They jump the fence and help each other clean up, and they pray for each other and provide meals, snacks, and tools.

Sometimes God positions you to notice others. He allows room for your mind and heart to pray for them. Take time today to notice and respond. Your community needs you.

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