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The Developed Film

A couple weeks ago, I shared about two old rolls of film I took to get developed. I didn’t have much of an idea how old they were or what they included, if anything. I had to wait over a week while they were sent to a developing lab somewhere and returned. But they finally arrived. Perhaps you don’t care too much what was on my rolls of film, but in case you do…

One roll was empty. I didn’t have to pay anything for it. 

The other one cost fifteen dollars to develop! But it was worth every penny. 

I think the order of the pictures might have been reversed when I first looked at them, but it didn’t matter. The variety was entertaining:

  • Photos of my oldest daughter’s third birthday, including her sitting in her newly-gifted Little Tikes car and me propping her baby sister into the back for a short ride.
  • Photos of clouds. It looks like they were taken from my parents’ back deck (which no longer exists). Some of the photos include the loaded clothesline as well.
  • Photos of my dad and oldest niece playing miniature golf.
  • Photos of my parent’s first four grandkids when my youngest was a baby. One includes my oldest nephew’s goofy antics, capturing his personality well and making me smile.
  • Photos of the same nephew outside, one with his dad and one with my dad. I’m still trying to figure out why there was a table on the back patio in the background. Oh, and one of my parents’ beagles made an appearance, too. I can’t remember his name, and it bugs me.
  • Photos of the back deck and my mom’s gorgeous flowers around it. I didn’t notice the first time, but later I noticed the same beagle had made an appearance. He seemed to think the pictures were all about him, not the flowers. He struck a couple different poses.
  • I couldn’t imagine any more variety in one roll of film, especially since I wondered if I’d get an entire roll of farm field pictures or something, but I flipped through the last two photos: my parents’ Sturgis trip on their motorcycle.

If ever a roll of film portrayed my parents’ life, this was it. It missed a few things, but it was a fairly good representation of a chunk of their years. The photos were poor quality, but they made me laugh. 

If you found an old roll of film about your life in any given season, what would it portray?

What snapshots are you living today?

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