My Life with God

Front Yard Dance Party

I had forgotten the school dance was that night, but as I drove home from my daughter’s, I saw the see of colored lights flashing across the distant football field. Homecoming was held on the field to help with social distancing. It was a beautiful fall night—a bit chilly but a welcome change from the heat. The students could enjoy an experience they hadn’t had in a while. As I drove closer, I could hear the music. I live only a few blocks from the field. I didn’t close my garage door after pulling in, because I had forgotten to pick up my mail earlier. Just as I can hear the football game announcers on game nights, I could hear the DJ and music on dance night. And I decided to have a little dance party in my front yard.

I might have been caught on a neighbor’s front door camera or by someone glancing outside at just that moment, but I didn’t mind. I caught the tail end of Party in the USA, then Cupid Shuffled to and from my mailbox. And I didn’t even have to get dressed up!

I couldn’t hear the music nearly as well once I went inside, but I smiled when the bass would thud it’s way through the walls. I knew so many students at the dance, many for the first time in high school. I hoped they were having fun. I paused to pray for each one I knew was probably there, because high school has some fun moments but also has some pretty rough ones. 

Next year, I might invite some of their parents to join my dance party. After all, it was as if our side of town was all invited. Why not share?

Let’s share the fun and the rough—and dance a little along the way.

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