My Life with God

Not Accidentally

Jesus is not going to be the center by accident. 

The statement stood out to me from a message. I’d been enjoying the series, and I listened attentively on the particular Sunday, but it wasn’t as if I was riveted, hanging onto every word. I was simply trusting God as I sat still in his presence. Then, that statement: Jesus is not going to be the center by accident.

It wasn’t news to me. I was well aware of the truth behind the statement. I’d lived it out for good and for bad. But the timing that morning both comforted and challenged me. 

  • We’re not Christians by birth.
  • We’re not Christians by living our lives well.
  • We don’t know Jesus by knowing about him.
  • We don’t know Jesus because of what we do or don’t do. 
  • We can be intentional about knowing Jesus but not about putting him at the center of our lives.

Jesus won’t crowd himself into the center, but he’ll always be ready when we make that space for him. 

Putting Jesus at the center is every bit as much about our own posture as his position. And we all know it takes only small shifts in the way we sit, stand, walk, or twist to alter our perspective and our center.

Keeping Jesus at the center of our lives is constant, but not in the same way as a schedule or task list is constant. It’s relational, and that’s complex—yet simple.

Communicate. Seek. Listen. And always be willing to let him correct and align everything in your life.

There’s nothing accidental about Jesus, just about the way we approach him at times.

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