My Life with God

Are You Sure?

We can be passionate about diversity yet look down on some people for things we disagree with, are less familiar with. or are less sensitive to. We claim to champion diversity, but what limits do we put on our definition and application?

We can be passionate about choice but only until someone’s choice affects us, gets in our way, or differs from ours. We claim a value but limit it to fit our comfort and preference.

We can be passionate about freedom until someone’s freedom butts heads with ours.

We can adamantly oppose people’s judgments of others for many reasons, but we excuse our own daily judgments when our neighbors don’t care for their lawns the same way we do, drive certain types of cars, maintain their homes, have a different body type, choose specific dress, and so on.

Let’s listen to ourselves. As we respond to others, as we champion or disrespect others, what are we revealing about ourselves? What hypocrisies might we need to see? What changes to we need to make?

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