My Life with God

Same Song, New Verse

Sing a new song to the LORD!

As I read through Psalms, I noticed how often the phrase repeats. The phrase in and of itself is not new. But I don’t think these Scriptures are referring to a constant reinvention, leaving behind all tradition and discipline. The reminder in and of itself is disciplined.

We constantly sing a new song to the LORD because we strive to worship God authentically, freshly, creatively. We continue to claim the same truth of God, his promises, and his character, but we don’t become consumed with the routine of it. We keep the relationship alive. Our worship is about dynamic obedience, not stale obligation.

There are things I do nearly every day. When I wake up, I thank God. Throughout the day, I pause to seek his guidance. At the end of the day, I consider the day and the tomorrow in the context of who he is. Within the disiplined sameness, there is always newness (or should be). The relationship grows. Faith grows. Worship grows.

I hope today has a new song in it.

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