Christmas Preparation

Are you prepared for Christmas?

When we ask (or answer) that question, we most often think about whether or not we have the presents we want to give others. We might mention whether or not they’re wrapped. Perhaps we send Christmas cards or have baking and cooking to do. We reflect on the work we want to get done before a day or two away from the office. We might consider the unfinished travel plans or preparation. We might mention not feeling ready to be around family—or being excited to see them.

But there’s more to it.

Presents aren’t bad in and of themselves. They can reflect the humility and thoughtfulness infused in our relationships. They can also reflect our selfishness and unhealthy obligations. Gathering people and preparing a place and experience for them can reflect our generosity and connections. It can also reflect our pride and distorted priorities. Planning can reveal our attentiveness—for good or bad.

Our preparedness is less about the physical and more about the spiritual. We can do all the things previously mentioned with a healthy heart. Each choice we make can be in the context of focusing on Jesus. Instead of a to-do list, we find peace more rewarding than progress. Peace begins to define progress. Instead of plans defining our preparation, purpose takes priority.

Be still today. Breathe. Even when you are active, take a continual inventory of your attitudes and pursuits. Celebrate Christmas well. It’s not simply a day on the calendar. Our preparation matters leading up to it, in the midst of it, and beyond.

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