Christmas, My Life with God

The Time, Yet…

It’s the time to be merry, yet many struggle with pain, depression, anxiety, and family conflict this time of the year.

It’s time for worship, yet we let worship of the wrong things crowd out the right ones.

It’s time to give, yet in the rush to give, we don’t always give in the best ways.

Look around. There is someone in need around you. It might be a need for material things, someone who can’t give gifts to their children and maybe doesn’t even have contact with their family. It might be a need for other essentials, a space heater, warm blanket, or weatherization tools to keep the cold out of their house. Perhaps it’s a need for a house, or at least, a place to stay. Warm socks, gloves, help with medication, shoes, car repairs, and the list goes one.

Or perhaps the need is emotional. You can’t fix a situation, but you can listen. You can walk through this season with someone. You can share a smile and cheer an overwhelmed parent or a frustrated customer service worker.

Giving isn’t something we do just to check a box on our list of things that are right to do this time of the year. It’s not a part of our Christmas list. It’s really not about this time of the year anyway. It’s about generosity and justice. It’s about keeping our hearts and eyes open to needs.

You might have a busy few days ahead, but be flexible and attentive.

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