My Life with God

Proud about It

The moderator of a social media group I’m in asked everyone to respond, “Brag to me about a thing you are proud you did in 2021.” But I didn’t want to brag. Are there choices I’m glad I made in 2021? Yes. But I see them more as a response of faith than something I mulled over and took control of. I don’t see anything wrong with the many responses posted in the thread. I simply didn’t feel comfortable responding.

I’m confident, but the confidence doesn’t come from me. It dwells in me because of my faith not because of my own abilities and leanings. I also struggle, because I know what it is like to trust and follow God, and I lack focus at times. And those distractions invite some doubt. It’s not a bad thing. It’s part of the faith process.

I think it’s important to look back and recognize the highlights—which often are somehow connected with lowlights and our response to them—in the context of truth. I never want to minimize God’s provision and guidance through every high and low of my life. And that led me to rephrase the question for consideration: What are you proud of that God has done last year? It might have to do with me. It might have to do with others. The focus is on God, not me or others.

It might be wiser to ask a similar question every day, even in specific situations.

When I see God in every day, I focus on him. He saturates my days and life with truth and correction.

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