My Life with God

Getting Common Sense

I think we can agree we would all like common sense to be more common. But maybe we need to look at it a different way.

What if we looked at common sense more specifically? What if we break it down into social common sense, emotional common sense, relational common sense? We then recognize common sense is not always the same across the board, It’s not a specific set of knowledge and application. It is health. Even more, it’s the pursuit of health. What might seem healthy to us at one point in our lives eventually becomes unhealthy. It might be able to become healthy again, but it won’t by default. All areas of our lives will deteriorate without any effort to the contrary. Our effort needs to change, but the fact that we need a continual effort remains the same.

Truth about the situation doesn’t change as much as the context changes. Social common sense, reveals what is healthy, what is essential, what our focus should be. It is a humble approach to keep ourselves and our communications in check and to always be willing to change. The same is true with our emotional common sense and relational common sense.

Under all of it is a faith-filled common sense. Without it, the foundation is shaky. Our spiritual health sets the tone for our everyday lives.

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