My Life with God

Under Your Feet

What is the truth you stand on no matter what? If everything else is demolished around you, what is beneath your feet, in your heart, and can never be snatched?

We might have simple answers. We might have wishful answers. Are we sure of them?

It’s important to sometimes question even what we think is unquestionable. Some of our “what it” considerations can’t truly be answered until the devastation happens. Not that I’d wish that upon anyone, but it’s important to realize what we can do when we aren’t in a season of devastation matters. It’s prepares us. We need to consistently reflect. We need to determine what’s unhealthy and unnecessary and prune it so it can be replaced by something better. We’re never going to be flawless in the process, but getting into a rut and rolling forward on the comfortable roads isn’t helpful.

In order to grow in our relationships, faith, everyday life, we need to lean forward with humility and authenticity in all areas. Life isn’t about anticipating or avoiding the devastation, but we should always know the certainly of what we’re standing on.

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