My Life with God

When Will It End?

A friend I greatly respect reminded me, “When it crosses the line beyond what God will tolerate, he will stop it.” We were talking about a situation that breaks our hearts. We wondered, “How long will this go one?” Her reminder was a good one.

I don’t mean it to sound as if God approves of certain things because he allows them. I don’t understand his timing. But I know he’s patient. He allows free will, which involves ungodly options. I know he sees all the details in the many people who are involved. He knows everything that has fed into something and everything that will flow from it.

And that brings me comfort.

I will continue to pray and trust God with the results. I will honor him with my response. I will speak truth, invite accountability, and extend grace. I will do my best to discern how to respond each step of the way.

Whatever is happening around you right now, you can trust God with the situation, and you can trust him with your heartache.

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