My Life with God

Turn to Change

The interstate was in decent shape, but the temperature hovered around freezing, and the drizzle was off and on. I had been driving long enough, attentive to the traffic and road conditions, and I was ready to exit for the last hour of the trip. I’d arrive before dark and settle in for the night. I was glad to be getting close.

Thirty minutes later, the weather and travel quickly deteriorated. I drove attentively and cautiously. Sleet and snow alternated, and the roads were quickly covered and slick. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been an anxious to get away from one road, unaware of what I’d face on the next road.

I arrived with no issues, and the weather seemed to improve quickly, but I realized we sometimes want to get away from one thing that might be better than the alternative. Every exit is an entrance.

I’m not suggesting we stay where we are in life, refusing to go to the next phase or season. We need to grow. We’ll always need to adjust to changes and face challenges. We can’t completely know what’s ahead. Nor should we blindly believe one turn will fix all issues. We need to be as aware as we can as we maneuver the twists and turns and merge. Even the familiar changes all the time.

Except God. He doesn’t change. But my experience of him does. My willingness to seek and trust him shifts. My faith constantly ebbs and flows as I listen and learn and respond. No matter the road, season, or situation, God is who he says he is. When I am uncertain about all else, I can be certain about him. I can trust him.

No matter what road I’m on, the conditions, my surroundings, the twists and turns I either choose or encounter in the road design, God knows and he cares. Keep your eyes, mind, and heart open every moment along the way.

1 thought on “Turn to Change”

  1. Today as I left work a song was playing that talks about how deeply God loves us. I had a little talk with him as I drove, saying “today did NOT feel like love here at work. Not at ALL!” Yet my word for the year popped up in my head at various moments through the day: “harmony”. Just listen, strive for a response that encourages rather than tears down…*sigh*…
    Yes Lord. Thank you.

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