My Life with God

As We Process

How well do you process with others? Do you disagree? Feel alienated? Judged? How does your response impact others?

The verb process should always remind us that we are not complete. We are in process. So are others. The process isn’t definitive much of the time. It is dynamic. By its definition, it’s change. We listen. We share. We absorb. We filter. We discern. We connect. We adjust. We respond.

We repeat.

We’ll find consistencies in our process, but I hope we don’t find too much stagnancy and stubbornness. Even in the core of our beliefs, the sameness adjusts if we’re committed to learning and growing. As we respect the same is true for others, we approach the process differently. We see people in process instead of eclipsing people with the need for a result.

See the people in the process today as you engage with others.

1 thought on “As We Process”

  1. As usual, your post resonates and is so timely! In process is my usual mode of operation, especially at work. There is no status quo; at one time I had a post it note attached to my computer monitor that said “The only constant around here is change.” Lol

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