My Life with God

A Lot of Little

There wasn’t much snow on the ground, but it was nice to see the fresh white covering. We hadn’t received much snow yet, so even though it was minimal, I assumed many kids would be outside enjoying it as much as they could. I ran an errand into a neighborhood I don’t frequent often and found an adorable, smiling snowman.

He was full-sized, and it surprised me to see so much snow had been gathered to make him. I looked around and realized whomever lived in the house had used their resources well. There was very little snow in the yard other than the snowman. They had gathered as much as they could and invested every flake they could into the snowman.

I’m glad they did, and I hope they smiled as big as I did when I saw him. I’m sure he was hard work but worth every effort for those of us who drove by.

You might be surrounded by more resources than you think today. Be willing to notice the smallest details, because if you gather them, they’ll add up quickly. Add in some commitment and creativity, and you might end up with something that not only makes you smile but others as well.

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