My Life with God

Anticipation in Stitches

I enjoy the process of quilting. Mine are simple projects. I don’t create works of art. I create practical quilts, some which get used and some don’t. That doesn’t matter much to me, because it is the process of the quilt that is my commitment.

I choose the colors, and I don’t have a specific process. Sometimes my choices tie into a theme or a memory. Sometimes a color palette strikes me as the right one. I then cut the shapes and sizes I need and begin to assemble them. There’s something about taking apart something with the intent of putting it back together in a different way. It always reminds me of a healing or redemption process. Once the quilt top is complete, it’s time to baste it to the batting and backing, and then my favorite part of the process begins.

I hand-quilt, starting in the middle and working my way around and around until every line is complete. One stitch at a time is the only way to get from the beginning to the end. And the stitches are small. I usually quickly get into a pattern and begin to set reasonable goals for the coming days and weeks. I almost always finish ahead of my projection, because there are some evenings I don’t want to stop when I had intended.

As I stitch, I pray. Quilting becomes a commitment to and preparation for someone. The quilt is the tangible gift, but I believe the prayers hold more value.

Recently I finished two quilts, anticipating the addition of twins to the family. They will be here soon. Little ones, you are already loved, and I commit to continuing to pray for you as long as I breathe.

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