My Life with God

Our Shortcuts

Thanks for being my shortcut.

I texted a friend. We were troubleshooting, and her willingness to go out of her way made something simpler for me. I appreciate her, not for making my life easier and clearer at times, but for being her encouraging, authentic self.

We sometimes view the people in our lives through the filter of what they provide (or don’t), how much they help (or don’t), or with what they agree (or don’t). In some ways, we make it about ourselves than the other person or relationship. But it is who they are that positions and prepares them for everything that happens in the context of the relationship. It is what they value and their character that flows into their daily efforts, attention, and priorities.

We take shortcuts in our relationships, and they aren’t the good kind. They might help us in the short-term, but we miss some important steps along the way.

Look for, foster, and strive toward authenticity in yourself and others, as well as within each and every relationship.

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