My Life with God

The Trap of Productivity

Being productive isn’t bad in and of itself, but I think we are often enticed to believe a level of productivity is essential, as if our worth depends on it.

I realize we are often held to a standard. We are evaluated based on performance and results. But all productivity and busyness is not created equally. Even when the results are similar, the process can widely differ. And it is that process that can tear us apart or provide a structure of sanity and purpose.

I recently was in the middle of a lot. It would have been a full season anyway, but I scheduled a week away, and returning to the mounting list seemed to add just enough pressure to prompt me to reach out. I wanted to have the right attitude. I wanted God to lead more than my list. I wanted his priorities to eclipse mine. I reached out to a few friends and asked for prayers as I merged back into my routine.

Knowing others are praying provides strength and accountability.

As overwhelming as moments were, I was comforted by letting others in. It didn’t mean everything went perfectly. I struggled at times and was quickly reminded not to attempt to take control (or credit) for anything.

I breathed. I prayed. I reset.

I remembered the process what more important than the result, because the process was the only way to get to the result. And the process I chose would impact me. I could approach it all well or not. While I didn’t handle everything perfectly, I awoke each morning with gratitude and a commitment to proceed with God’s guidance, and I went to sleep each night with more gratitude and a deeper commitment.

The time it takes to breath, pray, and commit is worth it. Every single time.

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